Transportation of luggage and animals

Transportation of luggage and animals in local regional, inter-regional routes is carried according with the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No.599 “Rendering and Use of Public Transportation Services” (19.02.2012.).

Paragraph 59 states that the passenger has the right to carry free of charge highly portable luggage which type and packing allows to easily putting in the place and which size (length, width, height) does not exceed 40 x 40 x 20 cm and weight 8 kg;

Paragraph 62 states that there may be carried free of charge, crutches, baby carriages, wheelchairs for people with disabilities in the public transport if the public vehicle technical capability allows it;

Paragraph 63 states that bicycles can be carried for fee in the public transport, which is equipped with special bicycle holders. If there are no such holders in the public transport, bike number and position is determined by the carrier;

Paragraph 74 states that it is allowed to carry dogs, cats, ornamental birds, poultry or pet baby animals in the public transport according to the animal protection laws and regulations. A passenger carrying animals provides that the animals do not disturb other passengers.

Transportation of luggage and animals in international routes is carried according with the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No 37 “International Public Transportation Using Public Motorbuses; Organization, Implementation, Opening, Modification and Closure of Connections”. Paragraph 16 of the Rules states that the luggage and animal transport policy is determined by the carrier, taking into account the health service requirements.

It is prohibited to transport things that can harm other passengers, their luggage or public vehicle in the public transport!

Information on luggage and animal transport options and luggage fees in local regional, inter-regional and international routes are available to bus drivers and passenger transportation companies.

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