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For passengers with disabilities

The terms of Assistance to People with Disabilities

  1. The Joint-Stock Company „Rīgas starptautiskā autoosta” (hereinafter –  Coach Terminal) provides people with disabilities the following free assistant help at the Coach Terminal and its territory:
    • mobility around the Coach Terminal and its territory (including assistance to reach the ticket sales office, the waiting hall, the boarding platform, etc.);
    • boarding into transport if the provided transport is suitable;
    • Hand over their luggage;
    • receive their luggage;
    • alight from the vehicle.
  1. To order assistance at the Coach Terminal and its territory as stipulated under Paragraph 1 above:
    • the person who will benefit from such assistance shall notify the Coach Terminal staff at least 36 hours in advance;
    • assistance shall be ordered via telephone + 371 67226658 or  online by filling in an electronic application form and sending it to the following e-mail address: [email protected];
    • after ordering the service the applicant shall receive a confirmation from the Coach Terminal staff;
    • having received a confirmation, the person who will benefit from assistance shall arrive at the Coach Terminal no later than 40 minutes prior to the scheduled coach departure time;
    • upon arrival at the Coach Terminal, the person shall notify the staff at the Information Center or in the passenger waiting hall – gallery on the first floor and provide a document confirming a disabled person’s status.
  1. In order to book a ride for a person with disabilities and reduced mobility who requires assistance in boarding/ alighting and needs a technically adapted coach, one shall contact the passenger carrier company serving the required route.
  2. In order to use services available on the 2nd floor of the Terminal building, people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility shall use an elevator (lift). To use the elevator (lift) – one shall press the Staff button.
  3. Access to the coach terminal for people with disabilities is possible from Prāgas Street and is reserved for people with disabilities boarding/ alighting.
  4. Vehicles with the permit of disability parking allowance can stay in the parking lot free of charge for up to 1 hour in the specially designated place – the disabled parking lot (entrance from Maskavas Street).

Order Form (a DOC file)

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