Autoostas vēstures bilde

…50 years together

This year the biggest coach terminal in Latvia is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

It was built and put in comission in the year 1964. JSC „Riga International Coach Station” is the biggest in Latvia, it is located in the heart of the city, between the Riga canal and the railway.

The coach terminal has 33 platforms, where approach and depart approximately 420 coaches to other cities and towns of Latvia as well as to major European cities, this way serving 2.3 million passangers per year.

Today „Riga Internation Coach Terminal” is one of the most important transport centres in the country. It has become a modern transfer and complex service station in the chain of European passenger transportation.

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International design offer was completed

On August 5, 2014 international design offer for reconstruction and development concept for buildings and the adjacent area JSC “Riga International Coach Terminal” was completed.
On august 6, 2014 a design competition in the opening of offers was held in Riga International Coach Terminal on Pragas Str.1, Riga, with participation of the design competition jury panel members, offer technical compliance review panel members and press.
Overall, seven offers were provided for JSC “Riga International Coach Terminal” concept for buildings and the adjacent area and now evaluation of offers has been established. Competition results are expected on October 2014.

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Design tender


On March 25 JSC “Riga International Coach Terminal” announced a design tender for reconstruction and development concept for buildings and the adjacent area with the prize fund EUR 20 000. In line with the tender regulation – tender works shall be submitted by August 5 Year 2014.

All information about the design tender, tender regulations and the accompanying materials drafted specially for the tender are available at the website

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AS "Rīgas starptautiskā autoosta", Prāgas iela 1, Rīga, LV-1050.
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