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Author: Laima Matuzāle

The state unified informational helpline “Help for Ukrainians in Latvia” has been launched

In order to deliver the most essential information on providing and receiving assistance to Ukrainian civilians in one place, an informational helpline set up by the Society Integration Fund – “Help for Ukrainians in Latvia” – +371 27 380 380 has started operating.

The helpline “Assistance for Ukrainians in Latvia” will provide war refugees from Ukraine with centralized information on available help and support in Latvia, such as how to get employment, psychological help, legal support, an interpreter, health care, social support, or other  services. In turn, Latvians will be provided with information about donation opportunities and how to provide support, for example, by engaging in volunteer work.

Initially, the informational helpline will work around the clock without holidays and answers will be available in Latvian, Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Information about the support offered by the Latvian society will be collected by the Society Integration Fund in close cooperation with the movement “Gribu palīdzēt bēgļiem”, the Ministry of the Interior, the State Border Guard, the State Fire and Rescue Service and other state institutions. Information on the support offered by the Latvian society will be provided by the Society Integration Fund, based on the initiatives expressed by Latvian residents, companies and organizations on the platform The Society Integration Fund will bring together and effectively involve more than 60 NGOs in the provision of support, including the Latvian Red Cross, the “Caritas Latvia” foundation, the “Viegli palīdzēt” association, the Latvian Center for Human Rights and others.

For more information on how Ukrainian war refugees in Latvia can receive support, please call the informational helpline “Help for Ukrainians in Latvia” +371 27 380 380 or visit the platform

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AS "Rīgas starptautiskā autoosta", Prāgas iela 1, Rīga, LV-1050.
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