International passenger transportation for the duration of an emergency has been canceled. Passengers can obtain additional information from carriers.


According to the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of 14 March, 2020:

With effect from 17 March 2020, to abolish international carriage of passengers through airports, ports, by buses and rail, excluding carriage of passengers by official government aircraft and military transport.

International passenger transport through airports, ports, by bus and rail transport will be cancelled as of 17 March.

The above-mentioned restrictions to travel through airport, port, railway and road crossing points shall not apply to nationals of the Republic of Latvia who wish to return to Latvia. Nor do they apply to foreign nationals whose permanent place of residence is in Latvia and who want to return here or to foreign nationals who want to leave Latvia.

  • Should you need consular assistance, call the emergency 24/7 phone number of the Consular Department: +371 2633 7711 or send an e-mail to;
  • Precautionary measures must be taken upon return to Latvia and these can be viewed here:


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